Theme Parks

Original programs have been featured at Disney World, Busch Gardens & Sea World.
Musical comedy revues, interactive street performers & Haunted Halloween shows
are all part of Sal’s repertoire.

Thrilling Wildlife Programs


For nearly 20 years I have developed educational & entertaining programs for National Clients. Animals I have worked with include birds of prey, sea lions, alligators, walrus, snakes, reptiles, otters, parrots, animals of the Amazon & more.

Haunted Mazes and Houses


Original horrific concepts for your Haunted Maze or Halloween Spectacular. The emphasis of these projects is to develop an intriguing & well-defined backstory.

Utilizing bone-chilling character development & a well-crafted storyline, guests are pushed to their terrifying and amusing limits during these interactive walk-through attractions.

Classic Comedy Revisited


Vaudeville is not dead. We keep these classic comedy routines alive and well by “giving it a fresh coat of paint” and featuring it prominently in theme park productions such as Wild West Shows, musical comedy stage shows and by zany street performers.

Also, novice performers and animal trainers with limited stage experience can learn the fundamentals of comedy timing & stage craft by attending our hilarious and informative Comedy Boot Camp.