The Melting Pot

An Excerpt from Our Critically Acclaimed TIME TABLE BIOGRAPHICAL SERIES

H.G. Wells had his Time Machine; we have our own Time Table.  At our table the world’s
greatest thinkers, legends and icons gather
 to discuss their lives, philosophies and dreams.

The Melting Pot introduces three Immigrant women who, at the dawn of the Twentieth Century, came to our shores in pursuit of freedom & prosperity. Their names are unfamiliar, but their stories are part of the fabric that weave together the richly diverse history of our country.

Between 1845 and 1850…

                    …The Potato Famine forced the Irish to seek refuge.

                    …Poverty & political unrest caused Italians to abandon their homeland.

                    …Religious persecution & pogroms drove German Jews to our harbor.

Said to have “streets paved with gold…” America became the salvation for over twenty-three million European immigrants seeking the American Dream…